What We Offer

We ensure that all products are verified to meet the  standard of our valued customers. Our genset are of latest generator sets product that is tested by our technical experts. We serve the needs for today’s demands for generator sets (genset) repairs, maintenance and supply parts. Our product can provide a quality that can participate with  today’s standard.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS)

Provide a regular routine maintenance or check-up on a certain period of time (e.g. Quarterly, Semi – Annual and One time /Annual) to keep the equipment on good running condition and to prevent from unwanted engine failure during the emergency situations.

On- Site Repair Overhauling/Rehabilitation

Overhauling is required to restore the engine to its best performance. It involves actual inspection, partial or complete disassembly of the item to detect worn out / defective parts that needs to be repaired or replaced .

Radiator’s Repair and Change Core

Maintenance of radiator is also important to prevent your generator from overheating and preserve the life of your engine. Do not forget to add water regularly to drain air from top of radiator and to avoid leaking or corrosion.

Fabrication of Generator Sets Canopy

It depend’s on generator type usage, It’s also good things to consider noise control / soundproofing to suppress the unwanted direct sounds wave or noise from the engine when it’s running and as well as to provide shed or shelter from rain or shine whether conditions.

Genset Installation

Actual generator set’s installation is subject for actual inspections. It involves hauling and delivery to site. Termination from generator main circuit breaker to customer Automatic Transfer Switch. Supply of cable wire, complete with electrical pipes and accessories including construction of a concrete foundation pad to support the unit load, spreading to the soil ground below. Engine resting start-up, cable phasing, load testing and commissioning of the generator.

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