Our Products

Benefits of our products, It is easy to transport, good looking, It is Soundproof which is suitable for outdoor use, especially in harsh conditions, like mining,desert,etc. PC control, easy connections, easy operation. Ensures stable performance, low noise and long service time. Our products have compact design, good craft work, stable performance, good cooling system ensures sufficient exhaust radiation, equipped with earth leakage protection, emergency button, quick fix connections, Well designed lifting eyes (points), towing points, and various anti-vibration devices and measures.

Industrial Diesel Generators


Open Type


Silent Type


Containerized type

Generators Essential Parts

Cumper also distributes of products related to Diesel Generator System:

  • Automatic Battery Charger
  • Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
  • Electronic Fuel Governors (EFC)
  • Engine Control Modules (ECM) System
  • Engine Overhauling Parts
  • Filter Elements (Air, Fuel, Fuel Water Separator, Lube Oil)
  • Fuel Water Separator Assembly
  • Gauges, Metering and Accessories
  • Starter, Alternator and Relay
  • Switch Gear and Breakers